Blogging started as online journals in the 1990’s. Blogs have evolved from personal online journals to an important part of online participation for companies. Why should a company have one? What is the power of a blog? To discover that truth we have to journey back in time.

Years ago, almost every company put out a company newsletter. It would be printed, circulated, and read by everyone in the company. It would include company news, employee news, perhaps even a tip of the month. At times, it was used in marketing or sales presentations to extend the reach and help position the company.

Today’s global network has replaced the limited newsletter circulation publications. Even traditional media has changed due to major blogs from companies such as Huffington Post and Engagdet – which receive tens of millions of views every month.

Whether you focus your blog on internal information, external information or a combination, everyone can access it. Think of the power your blog may have:

  • It can cut down costs associated with traditional print publications.
  • It can open doors to networking and connections that you have might not have thought of.
  • It can be changed / updated almost instantaneously.
  • It can have a forever life cycle.
  • It can position you as an expert of leader in a topic of your choice.
  • It can allow your website to be more search engine friendly.

Today we’re blogging to announce our new website. It looks amazing!  It highlights our services, our portfolio and our incredible team of professionals. We invite you to click through the site and see for yourself.

If we have convinced you to take the opportunity to create a blog on your company website – GREAT! Contact Artropolis now. Our website designers in Minneapolis are efficient at adding blogging capabilities to websites.

If you are still sitting on the proverbial fence, contact Artropolis now.  We will do our best to help you overcome any challenges or obstacles so you too, can experience the power of the blog. (Last sentence written with a Darth Vadar flair.) 

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